About Us

84 Years of Combined Experience in Residential Architecture

Delta Southern House Plans is 3 Lafayette, LA based design firms combining their portfolio to offer their plans online.  The 3 companies are Michael Campbell Design, TJJ Design, and Lines.  All 3 have worked together since 2005 and have a combined experience of 84 years in the residential design field.

Michael Campbell Design is owned by Michael Campbell who graduated in Architecture from Louisiana Tech University in 1990.  From that time on, Michael has been designing houses throughout the South.  He lives with his wife and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

TJJ Design is owned by Terry J. Judice.  Terry graduated in Interior Design from El Centro College in Dallas, TX in 1984.  Since 1995 he has been designing custom homes, spec homes for builders, and renovations/additions to existing houses.  Terry’s passion for houses stems way back to 5th grade and the depth of his experience comes through in all his designs.

Lines is owned by Melissa Llewellyn.  Melissa graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Melissa’s services are custom design homes, renovations and additions, and consultations.  She lives in Lafayette, LA and has 4 children.